All of the data; none of the busywork

A new breakthrough. Corroborating evidence. Confirmed identities. All of the power and potential of gas chromatography mass spectrometry comes with a hefty amount of work behind it. In your busy lab, time is money, but there’s no skipping steps.

Enter ChromaTOF®: This industry-leading software has been designed by scientists, with scientists, for scientists. Working in tandem with our powerful Pegasus instruments, ChromaTOF handles the data management so you can spend more time actually following the science.

The robust ChromaTOF software creates a database of all of your data for each run. No more juggling various files and tracking naming conventions: every sample run has all the information you need in one click. Ready-to-use templates and reports minimize your setup time while remaining fully customizable for your needs. The full-scan technology means that if your hypothesis changes and you find yourself going in a different direction, you don’t need to re-run anything – the entire spectra is saved and mapped out for you. Integration with the latest NIST, Wiley, or user-created libraries and ChemSpider make identification easy, and the Identification Grading System works with HRT data to produce identifications and speculative identifications with concrete confidence values so you know exactly how much to trust the automated results.

Software add-ons include ChromaTOF Tile, which rapidly compares GCxGC sample sets and surfaces key differentiators with powerful statistical tools, and ChromaTOF Sync, which synthesizes peak finding, relative quantitation, and statistical analyses across an entire data set.


See for yourself how ChromaTOF will improve your workflow