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203-821-693 Determination of Ash in Polystyrene

Determination of Ash in Polystyrene

203-821-691 Determination of Ash in Polyethylene

203-821-692 Determination of Ash in Polypropylene

203-821-688 Characterization of Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene and Traditional Aviation Turbine Fuel

Pegasus BTX 4D Application Note - Synthetic Aviation Fuels

209-200-179 Identifying Heteroatomic Species in HTL Pyrolysis Gasoline by GCxGC-TOFMS

Pegasus BTX 4D Application Snapshot - HTL Pyrolysis Gasoline

203-821-685 Determination of Carbon and Nitrogen in Coal and Coke

203-821-684 Determination of Carbon and Nitrogen in Carbon Black and Graphite

209-200-175 Simple Group-type Analyses of Aviation Fuels

Flow modulation provides high accuracy group-type analyses for traditional fuels and emerging alternatives.

203-821-655 Analysis of Heavy Fuel Oil using Multi-Mode Ionization

Heavy Fuel Oil Multi-Mode Source MMS GCxGC-HRT4D

203-821-606 Petroleum Forensics: Identifying Biomarkers in Crude Oil

203-821-668 Fuel Washing – Quantitiation Accutrace Diesel Petroleum

203-821-559 Quantitation of PAHs in Used Engine Oil using GCxGC and Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry

203-821-561 Introduction to Simply GCxGC

An Online Guide for Optimizing Comprehensive Two Dimensional GC Separations

203-821-569 StayClean Ion Source Stability

203-821-497 Sulfur and Carbon in Coal, Coke using SC832

203-821-522 Fuel Washing Diesel Pegasus BT

203-821-410 Light Crude Oil

203-821-448 Jet Fuel Analysis by HRTOFMS: EI, CI, and Accurate Mass

203-821-243 Diesel Compound Classification

203-821-379 Biodiesel