A Tip on Met Tips

Polished metallographic samplesLet’s be honest, metallography is not exactly the biggest field out there. If you’re struggling with your computer, you can ask the internet «why did this error message come up?» and get some troubleshooting advice, but if you try typing «Why do I have radial cracks?» into a search engine, you’ll more likely end up with an article about tomatoes than you will an explanation of what could cause a radial crack in a prepared mount and how to prevent it.

This is where we come in.

Here at LECO, we believe in support beyond the sale. If you’re struggling with your results, we want to help! With over 40 years of metallographic experience, LECO has seen just about everything. From stained specimens to broken sectioning blades, we understand your biggest frustrations and want to help.

LECO is pleased to announce a new Met Troubleshooting Guide, available in the Resource section of our website. Check back frequently for updates as we tackle the most common problems in any metallographic lab.

Is your problem a bit more… unusual? That’s not a problem either! Contact us and one of our metallographic experts will be in touch to find the source of your troubles and a method to resolve it.