Global Mass Spectrometry Applications Meeting

From May 8-12, over fifty members of LECO’s global Mass Spectrometry team and international leadership filled our customer experience center in Saint Joseph, Michigan. Sales and application representatives from over 25 different countries—Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and more!—joined with our local research and development team to share knowledge and ideas. It was a fantastic week of collaboration as we strengthened our bonds as one LECO around the world.

LECO scientist viewing research postersThe week-long meeting had two major facets. On the applications side, our brilliant applications chemists talked about the latest developments in major mass spec markets: environmental, flavor and aroma, food safety, metabolomics, petroleum, pharmaceuticals… the list goes on! Mass spectrometry touches a surprising amount of aspects of everyday life, with fields like breathomics working to make our population healthier as a whole, alternative jet fuels making air travel safer and greener, and fragrance reformulation restoring old scents or creating more sustainable formulas for beloved classics. The application chemists didn’t just stop at the hottest topics of today, however, as research and development stepped in with news about the bleeding-edge technology of tomorrow.

Employees in a meeting roomOur sales engineers, meanwhile, were flourishing with the opportunity to sit down as a global team and discuss the best practices developed over years of working with the customers, but also the opportunity to bring customer feedback back to LECO. From France to the Philippines, our customers all had unique experiences with our products, and this company-wide meeting gave us a great opportunity to let the global voice of our customer base be heard at all levels from entry to executive.

Two individuals in conversationJust because our meeting is over doesn’t mean we don’t want to meet with you. LECO would love to hear your feedback or questions about our products, and we may be crossing paths soon! Join us at the 20th International GCxGC Symposium in Alberta, Canada, from May 28 through June 1, where we’ll be discussing some of that exciting new technology in our sponsor session.

Maybe we’ll cross paths at ASMS 2023 in Houston, Texas, from June 4 through June 8, where our applications chemists are co-chairing the ASMS Flavor, Fragrance, and Foodstuffs Interest Group! Or perhaps you’ll be at the Annual Conference of the Metabolomics Society in Niagra Falls, Canada, from June 18 through June 22, where you can join Joe Binkley’s workshop on multi-platform metabolomics workflows.

And of course, no matter which conferences you may or may not attend, you can always contact us through our website at any time, from anywhere in the world.