Pittcon 2018 – Poster Presentation Preview

We had a fantastic time at the Pittcon Conference! It was great to meet with customers and users, while discussing our latest technologies. While there, our team of application experts gave a number of technical poster presentations to show how LECO instrumentation can streamline analyses and provide confident results.

Our separation science and analytical instrumentation were featured in a number of poster presentations at Pittcon, including the following:


Elemental Analysis

Determination of Total Sulfur in Refractory Sample: Comparing Various Elemental Analysis Techniques


Direct Moisture Determination of Food & Feed Samples Comparing Automated Thermogravimetric & Air Oven loss-on-drying Techniques

Free Moisture & LOI Determination of Hydrated Lime, Limestone, and Cement Utilizing Macro TGA

Glow Discharge Spectroscopy

The Grimm Source at Fifty: In Glow Discharge Spectroscopy, It Still Starts with the Lamp

Mass Spectrometry

Optimizing GCxGC Parameters for Petroleum Analysis Using a Free Web-Based Tool

Improvement to Targeted & Untargeted Pesticide Residue Analysis: Fast & Flexible Analyte Finding For GC-MS & GCxGC-MS

Flavor Analysis of Hot Steeped Malt for Brewing by GC-MS

Fingerprinting the Terpene Profiles of Various Cannabis Strains using GC & GCxGC with High Performance TOFMS

Comparison of Smoker’s & Non-Smoker’s Urine Using Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography High Performance TOFMS

High Speed Analysis: Combining Fast GC with Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for Complex Sample Analysis in Under One Minute