Do My Consumables Expire?

The short answer to that question is yes… eventually. But there are several factors that play into it. You may notice that some of your consumables have labels with specific expiration dates, while others do not.

For items that don’t include a specific expiration date, shelf-life is based on the date of manufacture. The manufacturing date code can often be found marked on the product label as a four-digit code, where the first two digits represent the calendar year, and the next two digits represent the month: ‘2104’ is April 2021.


The manufacturing date code is NOT to be confused with the Lot Number, which can also be a four-digit code (or more). The Lot Number will be labeled as such and can ultimately be traced back to a manufacturing date if necessary by contacting LECO.


LECO Corporation recommends that our Consumables be stored in their original packages in a climate-controlled environment where the relative humidity remains below 75% and the ambient temperature is between 10° C and 27° C. Under these conditions, products without an expiration date specifically noted on the product label will have a minimum shelf life of two years from date of manufacture. Once the minimum shelf life or expiration date has passed, or in situations where the product may not have been handled or stored properly, we advise our customers to evaluate the product for conformity with specifications and suitability for the intended use. Although there are exceptions, in most cases, these products will remain suitable for use for a significant period beyond the minimum shelf life or expiration date if properly handled and stored.

If you have questions regarding any of your LECO Consumables, never hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is here to support you and will find the answers to your questions quickly so you can continue to work confidently.