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Los instrumentos de LECO analizan la calidad, la seguridad y el valor nutricional de muchos alimentos y piensos: desde los alimentos crudos hasta los productos finales listos para el consumo Benefit fom the advantages of our state-of-the-art solutions for your individual food analysis. Elevate your results and save your time.



Specific Advantages Including

  • Moisture Determination – Loss on drying automated up to 16 samples simultaneously
  • MOSH/MOAH Determination – Identify and quantify the source of contamination
  • Detection of Pesticides – Even in the most difficult matrices
  • Protein Determination after Dumas – Replacement of Kjeldahl; Results in ≈ 3 minutes fully matrix independent
  • Aroma Profiling – Identify what you smell, but never see

Instrument Portfolio for Food Analysis

Your Solution For Cost Effective Food Analysis
Check out our broad product portfolio for food safety, nutrition, and moisture analysis. Benefit from the advantages of our state-of-the-art solutions for your individual food analysis.

TGM800 | Analizador Termogravimétrico


Moisture Analysis in Food

Thermogravimetric Moisture Analysis


Serie 828 and 928 | Carbon / Hydrogen / Nitrogen / Sulfur / Protein

Serie 828 and 928

Determinación de la proteína

C | H | N | S

REQUEST 828/929 Series

TGA801 | Analizador Termogravimétrico



Analizador Termogravimétrico


Serie 928 | Carbono, nitrógeno, azufre y proteína

PEGASUS® BT and HRT+ Series

MOSH/MOAH, Aroma and Pesticides Analysis



Fast-Food, MOSH/MOAH Analysis

MOSH MOAH Determination

Cualesquiera que sean sus requisitos de preparación de muestras, utilice el poder de la tecnología LECO GC×GC & TOF para resolver los complejos desafíos del análisis MOSH/MOAH

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Legumes, Protein Analysis

Determinación de la proteína

Protein determination with LECO after the principle of Dumas can be very easy and convenient. LECO has the perfect solution with the 828 and the 928 productline.

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Flour, Moisture Analysis

Determination of Moisture/Ash/Loss on Drying

An accurate determination of moisture content in food or agricultural products provides important information related to the food quality and safety.

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Aroma Analysis

Aroma Analysis

Cuantifique y cribe las muestras con una sola inyección utilizando la espectrometría de masas de tiempo de vuelo de cromatografía de gases bidimensional LECO (GC×GC TOFMS).

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White Paper | Protein Analysis - Dumas Vs. Kjeldahl

Have you ever wondered about this old discussion about „Dumas and Kjedahl“ and which one fits better to your needs in the field of protein analysis?
Read our lates white paper related to protein analysis by comparing the methods "Dumas vs. Kjeldahl". Get a concise overview about the theories of operation, and learn how the benefits of a LECO Dumas determinator can impact your workflow.

Blog post | Protein Analysis – Dumas vs. Kjeldahl

Protein Analysis - Dumas Vs. Kjeldahl White Paper


Let LECO help you find the right instruments for your need.


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