Chemical Ioniziation

Notas de aplicación

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203-821-655 Analysis of Heavy Fuel Oil using Multi-Mode Ionization

Heavy Fuel Oil Multi-Mode Source MMS GCxGC-HRT4D

203-821-630 Multi-Mode Source MMS

The Multi-Mode Ion Source provides a single solution for Electron Ionization, Positive Chemical Ionization, and Electron Capture Negative Ionization.

203-821-487 Spice Wars – Are You Battle Ready? Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoids Using an HR-CI Source Operated in EI and CI Modes
203-821-492 Disinfection Byproducts Water
203-821-481 Characterization of Green Leaf Tobacco Extracts Using GC-HRT
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Pósteres y presentaciones

  • Forensics Analysis Workflow using EI & CI in HRTOFMS Controlled substances, such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines, are commonly seized by law enforcement officials and routinely analyzed by forensic laboratories. Explore how HRTOFMS using Electron and Chemical Ionization can analyze these substances.
  • Synthetic Drug Analysis via EI and CI HR-TOFMS The development of unregulated recreational drugs has been increasing at an alarming rate since the mid-2000s. Relatively simple organic transformations produce novel and licit psychotics that can elude detection by standard analytical methods (e.g., GC-MS).