Thermogravimetrically Testing Biomass

So many factors go into the quality and characterisation of plants and biomass, but many thermogravimetric analyses take so much time. Drying, ashing, and weighing multiple samples takes effort and care just to control for atmospheric effects, much less to actually get precise results that can then be used to analyse the quality and structure of the plants. LECO's TGA801 is an automated thermogravimetric analyser designed to take the time out of the testing.

Cost Effective Food Analysis with LECO Instruments

From raw foods to final consumer-ready products, LECO instruments analyse the quality of and nutritional value of dairy products, meats, cereals, poultry, beer, and wine.

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Línea de Instrumentos LECO para su Laboratorio

Instrumentos para el análisis de cemento y materiales de construcción

LECO ofrece soluciones perfectas para sus muestras como cemento y ladrillo recocido, materias primas, muestras ambientales, combustibles y combustibles alternativos, así como cal, yeso y cal viva. Consulte nuestra línea de productos para el análisis de cemento y materiales de construcción, incluidos los modelos CHN828, SC832, RC612, AC600 y TGA801, y vea cómo podemos potenciar sus resultados.

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